Match Reports

TSE v Ottershaw & Hamm
Sun 12 September
Result: Won

TSECC 202-8
S. Coggins 36
J. Hathway 24
S. Ledger 69 n.o.

Ottershaw & Hamm 172 all out
B. Redford 1-40
T. Coggins 1-31
I. Coggins 2-10
D. Twooze 2-28
B. Barker 1-21
B. Coggins 1-30


TSE v Effingham
Sun 5 September
Result: Won

TSECC 172 all out
I. Coggins 42
M. Lester 26

Effingham 113 all out
T. Coggins 4-22
S. Coggins 2-17
D. Twooze 2-39


TSE v Tadworth
Sun 29 August
Result: Lost

Tadworth 187-7
S. Coggins 2-41

TSECC 152 all out
J. Hathway 27
S. Ledger 24
I. Coggins 37


TSE v Charing Cross Medical
Sun 22 August
Result: Lost

Charing Cross 136-7
S. Ledger 2-15

TSECC 133 all out
S. Coggins 57
K. Breslin 16
S. Ledger 14
M. Lester 17


TSE v Nutfield
Sun 25 July
Result: Won

Temple Sheen Eccentrics 210-7
Nutfield 140ish all out (35 overs per side)
N. Coggins 61
I. Coggins 26
S. Ledger 34
M. Lester 27
J. Hathway 38

Ribby 4-39
I. Coggins 1-4
T. Coggins 1-33
B. Barker 1-7
B. Coggins 2-13
J. Hathway 1-0

S. Ledger 4 catches


Sun 18 July
Result: Lost

BA 161 all out
Temple Sheen Eccentrics 143 all out
(40 overs per side)

S. Coggins 27
T. Coggins 21
S. Ledger 25

D. Twooze 2-29
I. Coggins 4-9
T. Coggins 2-28
B. Barker 2-30


TSE v Bookham
Sun 11 July
Result: Won

Bookham 201-5
Temple Sheen Eccentrics 203-3
(35 overs per side)

S. Coggins 28
J. Hathway 34
I. Coggins 58 no
S. Ledger 49 no

B. Redford 1-14
I. Coggins 2-37
B. Coggins 1-28
S. Coggins 1-50


TSE v Wonersh
Sun 04 July
Result: Draw

Temple Sheen Eccentrics 201-8
Wonersh 124-9

S. Coggins 64
N. Coggins 17
T. Coggins 39
I. Coggins 24
M. Lester 23

D. Twooze 2-24
I. Coggins 2-25
M. Lester 2-13


TSE v Pirbright
Sun 27 June
Result: Won

Temple Sheen Eccentrics 157-8
Ewhurst 117-7
(40 overs per side)

S. Coggins 96
B. Barker 19

B. Redford 2-24
B. Coggins 2-36


TSE v Ewhurst
Sun 6 June
Result: Won

Temple Sheen Eccentrics 188-9
Ewhurst 144
(40 overs per side)

S. Ledger 28
N. Coggins 22
S. Coggins 21
J. Hathway 20
B. Barker 38 no

T. Coggins 1-48
I. Coggins 2-20
M. Lester 1-5
B. Barker 2-8
S. Ledger 2-28
B. Coggins 2-3


TSE v Effingham
Sun 30 May
Result: Won

Temple Sheen Eccentrics 205-4
Effingham 201-8
(40 overs per side)

S. Ledger 103 no
T. Coggins 20 no
I. Coggins 25
D. Tooze 2-11
I. Coggins 5-36


TSE v Chessington 3rd XI
Sun 23 May
Result: Lost

On a very hot day at Effingham, Temple Sheen entertained Chessington 3rds.

Needing to win the toss, Mark lost it and Chessington elected to bat.

Brian and Tom opened the bowling, with Tom taking an early wicket with Score on 9, he took a 2nd Wicket on 57, Brian bowled 8 overs with little luck.

The attack was taken over by Steve Coggins and Woofers with the score on 110 Steve trapped Banks LBW for 30.. The next wicket fell to Woofers on 110 and a second on 131 and a Third on 136 with Dixon Scoring 57.

2wickets for Ben Coggins an 1 for Ian. Chessington reached 190 off their 40 overs.

Another exellent tea, Temple Sheen set about their reply.

It was not a good start, with the Coggins trio of Nick Ben and Simon all out for ducks. Leaving Temple Sheen rocking o3 for 4> Lego soon followed out for 4 now 9 for 4.

A revival by Mark and Ian saw Sheen to 93 before Mark was out for 46. Another Coggins out for 0 saw Tom join Ian and score a rapid 20. with two sixs.

Temple Sheen were still in it Brian joined Ian who was involved in a run out for 43. Woofers joined Brian who had to retire hurt, when the bowler flipped the ball back into his face, to take no further part .

Gerry joined Woofers who hit 26 not out and Gerry 5 not out. Leaving Sheen on 175 for 8 after 40 overs 16 short of the Target. Man of the Match Ian.


* *TOUR * *
TSE v Cowplain
Sun 16 May
Result: Won

TSE v New Place XI
Fri 14 May
Result: Lost

On Friday saw the opening Game against a New Place Eleven, with no scoreboard available, which would make scoring difficult. Not to be a problem, with the appearance of a stick of chalk, which in the hands of the master (Geoff), the problem was overcome. Late arrivals caused a hasty revision of the Temple Sheen side.

Temple Sheen batted first. Steve and Dando opening, our run machine was dismissed for 0, wickets were falling at regular intervals, Sheen soon found themselves 13 for 3. a stand developed Ian and Lego which moved the Score on to 61 before both were dismissed. Useful knocks from John, Ben & Nick moved the score and a useful 16 Not Out from Matt. Pastie on his return was dismissed for a Duck. Temple Sheen all out for 139. Extras top scored with 45.

An excellent Home side tea saw Sheen ready! Tom and Pastie opened the Bowling, New Place made a steady start reaching 34, before Tom bowled the opener, Pastie then took 2 wickets, (hat trick Jug Evasion ) and Tom another with a run out left the Home side 5 for 60. A one shot 50 by Samson and 26 from Navin, led to a win for the Home Side by 3 Runs.


Cowplain were the opposition, who kindly brought a set of Stumps, the Hotel supplying a flip chart for Scoring, we were ready to start. Cowplain were put into bat. Steady opening bowling by Tom 0-11 and Dave Toose 4 for 28 left them 34 for 5. 2 wickets for Barker 1 for John and 1 for lego aided by 2 Run outs, again Extras Top Scored with 26 were all out for 84.

A good effort considering the efforts at the Bar previously.

After a very good tea provided by Steve and Ian, the Temple Sheen reply with Nick and Ben began, Sheen were soon reeling at 2 for 2, a bright knock by Alexis out when well caught for 11. Wickets continued to fall leaving Sheen on 40. Enter Mark and Lego who saw the team home not out 27 and 22 giving a 4 wicket Win. Retirement to the Bar for another entertaining Evening.

Man of the Match Dave Tooze.



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