2008 Match reports

TSE v Newdigate CC
Sun 28 September
Result: DRAW

The last weekend of September, the skies were clear and the M25 was clear too. The walking-wounded gathered at the lovely setting of Newdigate cricket club for the last game of the season.
Carl had fingers on one hand heavily bandaged, having dislocated them the previous day playing rugby. Amit hobbled onto the pitch and informed us he too had picked up a leg injury playing rugby. Arun limped onto the pitch - broken toe - fell off his bike whilst riding it IN school. 

Pastie was the only one to buck the trend, back from retirement/injury for the um-teenth time this season. He told us he had lost 13 stone, I mean pounds, since he had last played and was raring to go. The only down side was that neither his trousers or teeth fitted him any more. But a combination of braces and Loctite did the job and kept him together for the duration of the match.

Ian showed great patience when explaining the difference between a timed or overs match to the opposing skipper when they walked to the middle. They tossed up and elected to play a timed match. Not sure who won the toss.

Opening the bowling Marti took a wicket in his first over with an in-swinging yorker. He ended with figures of 50-2. At the other end Carl was running in, down the hill. He bowled 15 straight overs for 53 runs and was unfortunate to end up with only 2 wickets. He accounted for Newdigate's number 2 & 4 batsmen, who were both getting in and looking like they were going on to make big scores. Carl has proved to be a good find and we all look forward to him playing for us next season!

Unfortunately our fielding was not up to scratch most of the time. Having two of our youngsters not fully fit and unable to run properly, we found the going tough. We failed to take all the opportunities that came our way. However Dave marshaled the leg side field well by himself for most of the innings and Pasty, not content just to stand at first slip all day, did some running around and run-saving too. Good to see it Phil. Kirit was behind the stumps again this week, where he took two catches and a nifty stumping.

Ian took first change of bowling. Whilst he made it clear that he wasn't happy with his performance, credit must go to him for shouldering the responsibility of bowling when the Newdigate's big hitting number 7 got going. He also took the end - up the hill - which no one else fancied. These are just some of the qualities that make for a good captain and a great club man. He finished with 2-59.

It was good to see Thomas bowling again. Once again he came on at a tricky time and kept his composure. He took one wicket and was unlucky not to take more.

Newdigate's number 7 hit 5 sixes on his way to 64 n.o. He moved their score from 131 for 5 in the 26 over to 204 dec 10 overs later!

A splendid tea was taken and onto our innings.....

Steve and Pastie opened and got us off to a great start, putting 43 on the board for the first wicket, inside of 10 overs. Steve hit a five 4s and then a 6, but was out the next ball, he made 33. Pastie was out shortly after that and made 16.
The next pair were the father and son combo, Kirit and Amit. They both played well and put on 40 runs, then Kirit was out for 12. This bought big brother, Arun to the wicket. Runs started to flow, even though the outfield was starting to get damp with dew and the ball wasn't running to the boundary. Both lads played some lovely back and front foot drives through the covers. Amit was out first for 21. On another day without his leg injury and the ball travelling through the outfield to the boundary, his score could easily be double that.

John came to the wicket and should have been out first ball, had the square leg fielder been walking in and concentrating. So with a let off he nudged and nurdled for a bit, before playing more convincing shots for 4. Arun was stumped (7), coming down the wicket to the spinner. Like his brother, Arun's score didn't really reflect his innings, he played a couple of lovely shots which he was only able to hobble a single for - STOP RIDING YOUR BIKE IN SCHOOL!!

Dave was next in and next out, lasting just one ball. Don't worry Dave it will come...next season....

This brought Thomas to the wicket, who showed from the outset that he was going to play some aggressive shots. He made 10 which included one 4. It was remarked upon that whilst batting it was hard for the scorers to tell Thomas and John apart. For those who haven't been to cricket for some time, young Thomas is now pushing six foot something and both he and John bat in blue helmets. I don't know how Thomas feels being mistaken for a man of a certain age....but John thinks it's great being a teenagers again!

Marti's batting nightmare continued when he was caught for 1.

A steady partnership grew between John and Ian of 40 odd which ensured that Temple Sheen saved the game and it ended in a draw. Ian was not out 10 and John was out off the final ball of the match having a swish for old-times sake, for 29.

It was always going to be tough getting 205 to win but everyone was determined to go for it and in the end we were only 36 runs short - a great team effort as far as the batting went!

Afterwards we enjoyed several pints of very well kept Harvey's Sussex Bitter.

Thank you to all the spectators who travelled to watch us and to Derek for his taxi service and scoring. Maybe by next season they will have put the sign up directing you off the A24, Derek!

TSE v Dormansland CC
Sun 21 September
Result: DRAW

Pastie's Recollection :
We have travelled to Dormansland for many years in Sept/ Oct, right at the end of the season, and are greeted as old friends. This year George was skippering for Dormansland and following a phone call from Ian { stuck in traffic at roadworks} Steve took over as captain for the day.

The first change from last week was the type of game, it was to be a timed match meaning that a draw could also be a result. We started at 12.45 fielding and Brian and Marti opened the bowling. Brian's third ball was hit for 4 and his 4th one exacted revenge the ball straightened turned the batsman round and Marti who slipped, managed to dive forward and take the catch.

Great start which heralded the arrival of Dave Tribe a batsman who has been a thorn in our sides for many years. Just after this Ian arrived,  11 minutes late, it mattered not Marti proved to be an able deputy who along with Brian shared the first 20 over's  conceding only 61 runs.

Ian replaced Marti, [ 10-2-33-0 ] and came on at the end I was umpiring from, I mention this because I had a close up of what happened next! he came in to bowl his first ball, perfect length gently swinging away which the batsman played back to him, Ian bent down to pick it up and changed colour from tan to puce. I have never seen that, he stood there for a few seconds turned ran in and bowled another ball on a perfect length, it transpired that he was at the same party as Nick celebrating Sally's  ........something over 21 birthday party, and it was all Nick {sallys partners] fault for giving him too much champers.  

In Brian's 12th over he bowled  the other opener 64-2 and with Ian keeping things tight at the other end went on to bowl Mr Tribe for 41. Brian ended with figures of 17-4-51-3. Well bowled mate. It would be remiss of me not to mention 2 of last weeks absentees, Kirit and Amit. Kirit kept wicket superbly, Arit who came on to bowl after Brian, took 2-11 off 5 over's with 1 maiden, well done young man and Ian continued to bowl in a miserly way. Ian ended with 12-4-38-0. Steve brought himself on to open the game up bowled 1 over and Dormansland declared  at 161-5.

I have criticised the fielding before, not this time, the one chance missed flew hard at head height and did not stick who cares the fielding was SUPERB, a much improved performance. We had bowled 45 over's on a slow but flat pitch in weather that was sunny all afternoon and we went in for the usual good quality fare we are used to at Dormansland.  

Cast your memory back to the 13th of July when we beat British Airways, this had been Julian's last appearance for us when  it took him quite a while to get off the mark, he turned up at Dormansland to open the batting with Steve, hit the first ball he faced for 4 to be quickly followed by more boundaries, Steve was bowled for 10 24-1, Arun was run out for 6 and a mini collapse followed when Julian was out for 32 the score was 68-7 in the 28th over, Thomas and Marti getting ducks, Neal 1 and Nick C. 2. Arit was next to go with the score at 76-8 and it was left to Ian not out 9 and Brian making 18 whilst not being out for the 5th time this season!

George had brought his opening bowlers back for the last 4 over's, the game had been played in good spirits and the draw was the right result. Well played both sides.   I hope I may be allowed a footnote to those of you who for what ever reasons have not been able to play recently, our next fixture is the last this season, please make yourselves available for this match please.

Brian's Recollection :
The  season’s  penultimate  fixture  at  Dormansland  was  a combination of  Family  Fortunes  &  The  Generation  Game.  Our  11  consisted  of  3  Karawardene’s  &  4  Coggins  ( A  shame  Simon  wasn’t  playing  to  make  it  5  !!)  There  were  3  father / son(s)  combinations  as  well. 

Marti , Julian , Neil &  Myself  were  the  odd  ones  out. Steve  stood  in  as  captain  as  Ian  was  delayed , partly  due  to  being  on  the  booze  till  4  o’clock  that  morning  , suffering  badly  as  a  consequence  & a  traffic  delay  on  the  A22.  I  don’t  know  if  we  won  the  toss  or not , but  we  were  in  the  field  starting  the  game  with  9  men.  

As  is rare  now we  played  a  timed  game  with  no  limits  on bowler’s  overs It  was  a  perfect  afternoon  for  cricket ­one  of  the  few  we’ve  had  all  summer -  Dormansland  had  their  big  guns  out  for  us  with  Michael  Watson  (who  scored  150  last  time  he  played  against  us)  Dave  Tribe  who  constantly  made  big  scores  against  us  in  1980’s  &  early  1990’s  before  moving to  Devon  &  Nick  Hellier  occupying  3  of  the  first  4  places  in  the  batting  order. I  opened  the  bowling  to  the  aforementioned  Michael  Watson , who  left  2  balls  alone  then  clipped  one  of  his  legs  easily  for  4. He  tried  the  same  shot  next  ball  ,  got  a  leading  edge  to  send  the  ball  looping  straight  to  extra  cover.  Marti  slipped , but  was  still  agile  enough  to  get  up  ,  recover  and  take  a  valuable  catch .

Ian  &  Tom  had  arrived  by  this  time  &  took  the  field , with  Ian  looking  greener  than  the  outfield.  Marti  bowled  from  the  other  end  & bowled  a  very  tidy  9  overs  and  only  two  loose balls  in  his  10th  put  his economy  rate  over  2 runs  per  over.   You  should  all  know  by  now  that  it  takes  me  at  about  4  overs  just  to  warm  up  ,  so  I don’t really  like  8  over  stints , but  its  a  team  game  ,  we have an  abundance  of  good  bowlers  & at  47 years  old  8  overs  is  about  all  i'm  good  for ,  but   when  I  get  a  chance  for a  long  spell  &  to get  into  a  groove  I  have  to  take  it  , knowing  I  need  to  bowl  well  or I’d  soon  be   put  out to  graze  on  the  boundary.  I  was  enjoying  the  challenge  bowling  to  two  good  batsmen . 

Drinks  came  at  22  overs  with  Dormansland  60  for  1.  Ian  had  replaced  Marti  and  was  doing  a  great  job  keeping  Dormansland  tied  down.  In  the  3rd  over  after  drinks , I  got  the opener  to  play  on  to  just  clip  leg  stump. Dave  Tribe  was  still  looking good  &  was joined  by Nick  Hellier.  We  couldn’t  afford  to  let  these  two  get  going.   Ian  dropped  a  sharp  chance  at  slip   &  when  Dave  Tribe  hit  me  for  a  straight  6 , a  couple  of  overs  later  ,  things  looked  ominous.  Fortunately  he  tried  the  same  shot  next  ball  and  played  on  having  scored  41.  I  bowled  another  2  overs  to  complete  a  stint  of  17  overs  for  51  runs , feeling  quite  pleased  with  myself.  After  the  34  overs   

Dormansland  were  around  100  -  3.  Young  Amit   replaced  me  and  bowled  a  really  excellent  spell  at  a  time  when  Dormansland  were  looking  to  get  on  with  it.  At  only  13  years  old , he  shows  all  the  signs  of  becoming  a  great  bowler.  He  got  his  rewards  in  only  his  2nd  over  when  Hellier  edged one  to  Kirit  behind  the  sticks  who  took  a  comfortable  catch  even  with  a  broken  finger.  Caught  Dad  ,  bowled  Son  !! 

Well  done  the  Karawardene’s..  It  got  even  better  for  Amit  a  couple  of  overs  later  when  the  Dormansland  no.  5  clipped  one  to  mid  wicket  where  I  caught  it  bruising  my  finger  in the  process.  After  44  overs  Dormansland  were  141 ­ 5. Amit  had  completed  his  5  over  spell  which  is  all  he’s  allowed  to  bowl  as  a  13  year  old .  

Steve  decided  to  bring himself  on  just as  the  call  of  “Last  Over  !!”  came  from  the  boundary.  6  balls  &  20   runs  later  we  came  off  for  tea , bad  luck  Steve , but  still  a  great  bowling  &  fielding  effort  to  keep  the  score  to  around  3.5  per  over.

Tea  was  a  lovely  spread  of  sandwiches , cake , salad  , melon  &  pork  pie  pieces , enjoyed  by  us  all , especially  those  who  didn't  have  to  go  out  and  bat  straight  away. 

Callum  managed  to  stay  put  this  week  at  tea , having  learnt  his  lesson  last  week  when  he  accidentally  played  hide  &  seek  in  the  boot  of  Daddy's  car  and  got  himself  shut  in  there  for  20  minutes  to  earn  the  title  of  "Effingham  Hide  &  Seek  Champion  2008"

Steve  opened  our  batting  with  Julian -Great  to  see  you  again  Jules , we've  missed  you  in  recent  weeks - hope  the  back's  OK  -   We  needed  a  solid  start  and  got  one  with  30+  on  the  board  before  Steve  lost  his  off  stump  to  their  opening  quickie.  Arun  came  in  at  3  &  looked  realy  solid  against  their  opening  attack  &  1st  change  bowling before  getting  run  out  going  for  a  second  run.  By  this  time  Dormansland  had  opened  the  game  up  with  their  slow  bowlers  on.  Their  tactics  worked  well.   Thomas  came  in  at  no.4  &  was  bowled   almost  immediately , NIck was  no.  5  , scored  a  few   before  skying  one  to  be  caught  behind.  Neil  was  next  in  and  scored  a  few  before  getting  bowled. 

When  "20  overs"  were  called  were  were  about  60  -  5  &  it  was  then  a  question  if  we  could  bat  out  the  remaining  overs.  Julian  was  keeping  one  end  held  up , but  sensing  we  needed  to  put  some  runs  on  the  board went  after  the  wrong  ball  to be  out  for  31.  Amit  came  in  at  8  to  join  Marty  &  the  pair  added  a  few  more  before first  Marty  &  then  Amit  were  out  leaving us  70ish  - 8  with  11  overs  to  go.  Ian  was  batting  at  9  having  recovered  from  the  night  before  &  was  looking  rock  solid.  Kirit  &  I  tossed  up  to  see  who  would  bat  10.  I  lost  so  went  out  to join  Ian  leaving  Kirit  padded  up  expecting  to  be  called  into  duty  at  any  minute.  He  never  even  got  to  the  wicket  as  we  added  an  unbroken  30  runs  in  the  remaining  overs   to  take  our  score  to  111-8  at  the  end  of the  game. 

As  has  happened  so  often  this  season  we  struggled  with  our  batting.  Our  bowling  &  fielding  were  excellent  &  we  deserved  a  draw  through  our  efforts  in  the  field.  It  was  a  very  pleasant  afternoon , played  in  a  good  spirit .

Dormansland  were  as  always  excellent  hosts.  There  were  a  number  of  plusses  for  us.  It  was  great to  see  Julian  back  in  action.  Marty  continued  to  prove  that  he  has  become  a  very  good  opening  bowler  for us  in  recent  weeks.  His  control  &  variation is  a  great  asset &  full  credit  to  him  for  playing  in  every  single  match  this  year.  Amit  showed  what  a  great  prospect  he  is  at  only  13  years  of  age  &  Kirit  kept  brilliantly  with  a  broken  finger.  For  me  it  was  the  first  time  i'd  seen  him  keep  wicket. 

Lots  of  encouragement  already  for  2009. Finally  thanks  to  Pasty  &  Derek  for  umpiring  &  scoring  for  the  whole  game.  It  really  does  make  a  difference.

TSE v Old Wimbledonians CC
Sun 14 September
Result: LOST

Sundays cricket was not for the faint hearted. A much depleted team Lego, Pastie, Ian Millson. Julian, Gerry all injured, Mark working, Kirit and son having trials ­ Arit, cricket at Banstead and Kirit sheepdog on Wimbledon common, we look forward to watching you, KIRIT..... on one man and his dog.

Simon was missing but turned up with the family almost exactly on tea time [nothing new there then] having been away on holiday. Tommy brought that lovely four legged friend ERNIE who escaped at least 3 times once leaving Tom flat on his face, Del was doing the scoring, Lego on crutches was testing the beer,  Pastie was umpiring, the weather at 1.45 when we started was sunny and warm and Del had a new set of pencils to score with. Temple Sheen lost the toss and fielded.

Brian and Ian opened the bowling and after 10- over's had restricted the batting team to 19-1. Ian came off having conceded 5 runs from 5 over's and more astoundingly upset The Old Wimbledonians Australian player/umpire with a loud appeal which was turned down. Brian's wicket showed that Neal's attendance at various courses connected with his work had been worth it. In Brians 3rd over the batsman hit one in the air towards Neal who looked at it, rubbed his hands looked at it again failed to move his feet and missed it, a guilty look towards Brian followed by a shrug of his shoulders did not set us up for what happened two balls later. Same bowler, same batsman, same shot different result Neal caught it. Back in Brians good books!!!!!

Marti replaced Ian and took a couple of wickets his 2-43 included an over which went 6 6 2leg byes 6 W . Interesting! Brian ended with 1-25 off 8, Carl came on and in 2 spells took 1-20 off 7. John with a great spell of spin bowling ended with 2 for 42 but deserved 5 and Dave 2s came on while the slog was on, 0-34 again unluckily.

Umpiring a whole game gives a different view of what is happening and I applaud Ian for opening the game up rather than bringing himself on to close the game up. The only criticism's of our fielding was that it got shoddy, and that 7 no balls and 11 wides were far to many in a total of 30 extras in a score of 178.

Tea was taken congratulations to Pam in her capacity as Tea Lady and chief cake maker and all other members of the Coggins family who helped in producing another fabulous tea.

Father and son Steve and Nick opened for T.S.E. Nick was soon out quickly followed by Arun, whose father was spectating having got back from the trials. Ian joined Steve and we were soon in more trouble The 4th Coggins to bat in the top 5 strolled to the middle, did not take a guard and was bowled first ball. John came to the middle avoided the hat trick ball and top scored for us with 18, whilst wickets fell at the other end T.S.E. all out for 70. Their skipper finished with 3-3, off 5 over's with one of the best spells of left arm spin I have seen in many years.

1) Squirrel eagerly awaits an opportunity... carefully watching the graceful ark of the straight bat....
2) Squirrel spots his opportunity...
3) Squirrel grabs his opportunity... with keen eyes and slight of hand.....
4) Squirrel asks the question.


TSE v Westbourne CC
Sun 10 August
Result: LOST

After a pretty eventful journey, coupled with very vague directions, Brian had the correct ones, Lego also knew but it was too late to get in touch.
The first person we got was the local ”Village” whose directions were rather vague to say the least!. Finally with a little help from Brian we arrived at the Ground to be met by Lego. We were closely followed by John, Steve and the 4 Muskateers! Keith who must have been powered by Jet fuel, as he left at 1:30 from home. Only team Member missing being Mark, last heard of passing Fontwell. Lego lost the Toss we took the field with 10 Men, Squirel donning the go fasters.

Brian and Marti opened the Bowling with Marti bowling 4 overs 0 for 14. Brian was joined by Keith and bowled 8 overs for 2 for 14. Mark who had now arrived bowled 8 overs 1 for 26. Brian had bowled 8 overs 1 for 26.

Enter John the Hat into the attack. Where has he been the first part of the Season and followed his 4 for 41 at Woodmansterne with 5 for 25, including a near hat trick. Steve relieved of the Go Fasters, finished 1 for 12. During the innings Ben Coggins took a reaction catch at 2nd slip. A credible effort.

After a very good tea it was Temple Sheen’s opportunity to bat.

A family opening partnership Steve and Nick opened and Nick with some unorthodox strokes soon reached 19, tried another and was bowled.

Marti was next in, meanwhile Steve had departed for 3. Marti was joined by Whitman and scored 2  before departing. Enter Dando, exit for 0. Ben was next in and departed for 4. Marti is joined by Lego, he hit a very long 6 only trying to follow this with another, bowled  for 13. Score now 50 for 6. This brought Mark to the crease and a partnership developed with Lego which was going well until Lego attempting a quick single, collapsed in a heap damaging  his leg, and could take no further part in the Game!

Enter Keith all going well until Mark was well caught for 16. John joined Keith with a result still possible, Keith bowled for 9 -  result still possible! Brian joined John and the Score reached 98, when John was adjudged out LBW, later indicating he had hit the ball, this was later confirmed by one of the fielders. The Umpire can only give what he sees, it is questionable whether John should have been recalled.

A very nice Location could be considered for a Tour Match venue. So to next week at Slinfold.

TSE v Woodmansterne CC
Sun 10 August
Result: WON

It was the Thursday before the match, The club skipper readying for a session of sun bathing on the continent and the eccentric [no pun intended] Lego our vice captain had 6 players and was still hopeful. Drag Pastie out of "retirement" haul Keith away from work and have a word with the chairman. These were his dastardly plans. It worked, Nick Coggins and a couple of his mates were able to play and at 2 o'clock on Sunday 10 men representing T.S.E.C.C. took the field, Lego promising that Keith would appear between 3 and 4 o'clock.

Brian and Marti opened the bowling Marti taking a wicket with his first ball and another in his third over Woodmansterne 10 -2 Brian nipped in with 2 more wickets 14-4 Marti 2-10 off 5 over's and Brian 2-14 off 8 over's had done a great job. 

Steve Coggins came on to replace Marti and thanks to Nick diving full length to take a great catch ended with 1-16 off 6 over's. 

Pastie at the other end was being as mean as ever 1-17 off 8 and John the Hat, a much under used bowler took 4-41 to finish Woodmansterne off for 111 after they chose to bat.  Well bowled all. 

Please realise dear reader that our last win was a month ago against British Airways [I'll return to that subject later] so we were not exactly brimming with confidence, and in such fervent anticipation of a possible win  we went for tea.

Tea was superb, enough cheese to keep Lego happy, Tommy who was there in his capacity as presidential cheerleader with Ernie found nothing to moan about and Del who was doing a great job scoring was able to warm up and fill up at the same time.

Lego named his batting order, Steve and Nick to open, Nicks mates messrs Whitman and Dando were 3 and 4 and our beloved Lego was at 5, alas we were soon 14-4 when Mark joined Mr Whitman at the wicket and they took the score to 34. 

John joined Mark until Mark was caught on the boundary for 24  43-6. Marti came out and with John batted as well as either of them had batted all season and they took the score to 81. John was then given out LBW in very dubious circumstances, the umpire was in such a hurry to give him out his finger nearly caught fire. John made 22. 

With Marti defending his end, Brian took the score to 101 before he too was given out LBW in even more dubious circumstances which left Pastie with light enhancing glasses hidden under his helmet joined Marti and with a boundary each and a single each made the scores level. With 4 over's left a bye was run to win a very exciting match, Temple Sheen are back in the wining stakes. 

Well played all and many thanks to our guest players without whom we could not of played. Very finally, great to see Tommy, his seriously loud dog Ernie, Del, Pam and Brenda who had all made the long journey to support and help us.

TSE v Lynchmere CC
Sun 03 August
Result: Abandoned

Ian lost the toss and Lynchmere decided to bat. The game was to be 40 overs a side. Temple Sheen opened the bowling with Ian and Simon Coggins who restricted Lynchmere to 39-1 off the first 10 overs on what seemed to be a flat slow pitch, or so I thought.

Marti took over from Ian and his second ball probably the fastest we have seen him bowl nearly took the batsman's head off Marti bowled 8 overs, taking 4-28. He was ably assisted by our guest player Mr Dinwall who took 2-25 and Steve Coggins who took 2-19. Oakley finished the innings off at 129 all out after 38 overs.

It had started to drizzle as we took tea yet another fine example of Temple Sheens ability to offer superb fare every game.

Steve C. opened the batting with Kirit who was first out for 9. Next in was Kirit's son Arun who played beautifully for his 12 [DAD take note!]before and with much reluctance I gave him out LBW.

Steve was out for 15 and as John and Ian took us to 60-3 in the 21st over the rain became to heavy to play in. We retired to the pavillion hoping the weather would clear up. Unforunately it did not and after a 30 min. wait the match was abandoned as a draw. Either team could have won.  


TSE v British Airways CC
Sun 06 July
Result: Won


Temple  Sheen  touched  down  in  Cranford  on  Sunday  for  our  first  ever  fixture  against  British  Airways.  

The  ground  &  facilities  were  excellent , the  opposition  keen  &  weather  sunny, but  not  too  hot,  so  we  were  all  set  for  a  good  afternoon's  cricket.  We  were not  to  disappointed, read  on  !!!  

As  is  now  customary  for most  Sundays, we  played  40  overs  per  side.  Ian  won  the  toss  &  had  no  doubts   about  batting  on  a  hard,  flat, pitch.  Steve  &  Julian  (welcome  back  after a  6  week  absence)  faced  the  new  ball. The  opening  bowlers bowled  very  steadily, getting  a lot  of  movement  &  carfeully  varying  line  &  length  to  make  scoring  difficult  for  us. Jules  decided  he  needed  to  play himself  in  having  been inactive  for  the  last  6  weeks. It  took  him  10  overs  just  to  get  off  the  mark . giving  Matt  some  competition  for  the  "barnacle"  title,  Steve  was  working  the  ball  around  for  1's or  2's  &  waited  patiently   for the  occasional  bad  ball  to  deposit  to  the  boundary  to  keep  the  score  moving.  A  change  of  bowling  at  1  end   after  10  overs  upped  our  score  rate  as  the  new  bowler  charged  in  &  had  trouble  getting  a  line  &  length   allowing  Jules  & Steve  to  pick  off  boundaries. After  3  overs,  another  bowling  change  at  the  same  end   found  us  facing  with  a  very  cany  spinner  who  mixed  both  flight &  pace  to  keep  us  guessing. At  the  other  end, the  opener  bowled  a  very  steady  8  overs  &  was  replaced  by  another  even  faster  bowler  who  quite  frequently  beat  the  bat  with  a  combination  of  pace  &  swing. At  the  20  overs  drunks  interval  we  were  50  without  loss.

Considering  the  quality  of the  bowling  it  was  a  very  solid  &  valuable  start. Steve  was  out  soon  after  the  re-start  for  22  and  Mark  joined  Jules  with  instructions  to  get  the  board  moving.  Mark  duly  obliged  with  a  quickfire  25 before  getting  out  in  the  quest  for  runs, Lego came  in  at  no 4  &  bashed  a quick  18  before  perishing  in  similar  fashion.  Julian  was  still  occupying  the  crease  accumulating  valuable  runs, Ian  came  in  at  5 , but  was  involved  in  a  mix  up  with  Julian  and  was  run  out  for  1 , John  scored  a  quick  8. An  exhausted  Julian  was  out  in  the  38 th  over  for  a  patient  but  valuable  47  and in  some  pain  after  putting  his  back  out  again  early  in  his  knock.   Kirit  &  Simon  saw  out  the  last  1  1/2 overs. Simon  was  our  7th  wicket  on  the  last  ball  of  the  innings , run  out  going  for  a  4th  run  !!!  

We  finished  our  innings  on  153  for  7   &  headed  towards  the  transit  lounge  for  tea  which  consisted  of  sandwiches , croissants & fruit - surprisingly  no  "Sexton  Blake"

  Towards  the  end of  our  innings  with  scoring  still  difficult , several  of the  opposition  were  asking  themselves , "why  aren't  they  scoring  many  runs , they  haven't  got  enough".  A  look  through  the  opposition  score  book , quickly  showed  that  BA regularly  knocked  up  scores  of  around  250  in  their  40  overs.

As  we  took  the  field, Ian  called  us  all  together for  a  pep  talk, "Come  on  guys, bowl  line & length, force  them  to  take  chances , they'll  come  &  make  sure  we  hold  our  catches " was the  jist  of  it. Brian  opened  and  bowled  a  tidy  maiden, Simon  took  the  other  end  for  a  couple  of  runs. 2nd  ball  of  Brian's  2nd  over  saw  the  opener  trying  to  hit  a  straight  one  onto  the  M4. He  missed  &  was  bowled  off  stump. Enter  no.3  bat, having  scored  115  the  previous  week, he  was  quickly  putting  away 4's  off  good  balls  from  both  Brian  &  Simon. In  Brian's  4th  over  the  other  opener  drove  at  one  which  moved  away  &  Mark  took  a  brilliant  one  handed  catch  low  down  to  his  right  in  front  of  Pasty  at  1st  slip  who  was  trying  to  get  out  of  the  way.  The  no.  4  bat  also  put  bat  to  ball  straight  away. It  was  vital  we  didn't  let  these  2  settle. Our  chance  came  when  no.3  skied  one  to  extra  cover  off  of  Simon  and  Marti  dropped  a  very  difficult  chance.  Simon  got  his  deserved  rewards  a  couple  of  overs  later  when  a  repeat  shot  found  Ian  who  held  it  comfortably.  2  balls  later  the  no.4  tried  to  put  the  ball  out  of  the  ground  &  skied  it  to  Lego , who  despite  loud  calls  of  "drop  it"  from the  boundary  made  it  look  easy  to  give  Brian  his  3rd  wicket  &  leave  BA  40 - 4.  We  were  well  and  truly  flying  now , Simon  continued  to  bowl  well  with  no  luck,  Brian  on  the  other  hand  was  enjoying  his  purple  patch  &  got his  4th  wicket  when  the  no.5  played  and  misssed, strayed  out  of  his  ground & Mark  was  alert  enough  to  make  a  very  smart  stumping. Then  in  Brian's  last  over  the  left  handed  no. 6 left  his  leg  stump  exposed  and  was  bowled  by  Brian  to  leave  BA  55 -  6   Pasty  replaced  Brian  from the  M4  end  and  Ian  replaced  Simon  from  the  flightpath  end. Pasty  bowled  well  without  much  luck , but  It  was  Ian  who  really  took  the  honours  by  steadily  taking  the  last  4  wickets  thanks  to  catches  by  Mark, Pasty,  a  great  catch  by  Julian  in  the  deep  &  finally  Lego  to  dismiss  British  Airways  for  just  over  100  with   10  overs  to  go  to  wrap  up  a  great  win  against  a  very good  side. Although  there  were  some  good  individual  performances - Julian  (47  runs  &  a  great  catch) , Ian  (4  -  20  and  a  good  catch  to  dismiss   their   prolific  scorer) , Mark  (25  runs  plus  2  catches  &  a  stumping), Lego  (18  runs  &  2  catches) , Brian  (5  -  28)  Steve  (22  runs  in  a  50  opening  stand  with  Julian).  It  was  a  great  all  round  team  effort  with  everyone  else : Simon, Pasty, John, Kirit & Marti  all  playing  their  part. Our  fielding  and  catching  was  superb.

It  really  was  one  of  our  best  performances  for  a  number  of  years  for  which  we  should  all  feel  proud.

TSE v Pirbright
Sun 29 June
Result: Lost

Before starting it must be recorded that we were entertained to the Best Away Tea of the Season. Plenty of cheese sandwiches, hoola hoops, Pork pie and cakes!

To the game : It is assumed that Ian won the Toss and elected to Bat.

The opening pair were Steve and Phil. 3 overs gone and Phil receives a ball which should have been despatched over the Trees, for it only to drop into Mid Off’- 7 for 1s Hands. Enter Mark who proceeded to hit 2 4s, Steve meanwhile was also hitting 4’s, with the Score at 28, Mark is Bowled for 8.

Ian joined Steve in which is his best batting position the score moving on, until it reached 63 when Steve was bowled for 31.

Enter John the Hat, to join Ian and a very useful stand developed, which carried on until it reached 152. with John being bowled for 25.Marti was next in, but with only 13 Runs added Ian was caught for a creditable score of 66..
Neil was next in to Join Marti and left again the Score now being 170. Enter Brian and with score still on 170 Marti decided on a run which resulted in him being Run Out for 7. Arun joined Brian and in the remaining overs another 10 Runs were added Brian not out 7 Arun not out 1, Extras 31. Total 180 for 7.

So to Tea, already described.

Temple Sheen took to the field somewhat overburdened by the amount of tea consumed.

Brian and Ian opened the Bowling. Brian down hill Ian up. First over for Brian to loosen up. 2nd over saw the first wicket fall to Brian. Ian bowled 3 and was replaced by Marti, who bowled as good as we have seen him. Pirbright at 46 and Brian claimed his 2nd Wicket aided by a smat catch by Steve. In his next over Brian claimed 2 more wickets one a smart caught and bowled the other one with n LBW, the batsman on 49. It was like old times at Temple Sheen, firstly the dressing room door was slammed shut, followed closely by the bat hitting the wall! Leaving Pirbright on 88 for 5 and Brian with 5 for 48, a jug one would assume!

Steve came into the attack but Marti took the next wicket, before getting over excited and attempting to bowl a 9th over. Skipper consultation bat spun agreed that Marti had bowled 8.1 overs. Pastie came back and took 2 wickets Steve took a wicket a rather smart stumping by Mark Ian came back and without much luck. With the last pair at thecrease the scores were tied, a single settled it for Pirbright.

It is hoped that we can return next Season.

Champagne moment must be when Neil got confused which game he was playing, and diverted a possible catch over the Bar for “6” Pastie being the bowler.

On entering the Cricketers we were informed that Sir Alec Bedser was a regular at the pub, and was in the Bar. Thanks to Neil we now have an autographed score book, for the Trophy Cabinet.

TSE v Bookham
Sun 22 June
Result: Won

I arrived late at the ground, sure as hell won't do that again as my punishment is writing this report and dropped down to 6th in the batting order.

By the time i got there the match was already underway a promt 2 o/c start. 40 over's a side. Temple Sheen batting we only had 10 men as Lego was injured playing on Saturday.

Pasty and Marti at the wicket. Marti 1st out for 8. Mark joins Pasty at the wicket and rides his luck for awhile. Pasty thinks it's about time he opened his shoulders and legs and got on with it. Straight down the ground was the way forward. Pasty was next out for 27. He had decided it was 4 runs or oxygen and oxygen won!

Enter Nei l- a swift 9 then bowled. Next up Keith - one of our occasional players. A partnership grew after a shaky start. A good partnership of 66 materialised before Keith was out for 31.

Enter Squirrel. Dropped to number 6 for being late. Three quick singles - caught at long on going for the big "un". Enter Aaron. Played a steady knock supporting Mark. Over running out - Aaron run out trying to give Mark the strike. With 2 over's to go, Paul our guest comes out to bat, caught at cover. Mark however sensing a chance of 100 takes 19 off the next over. Kirirt is run out for a duck.

Enter Ian - nought not out. Mark last man out - caught behind for 96. A great knock Mark after a dodgy start the final score 214 from 40 over's.

A good tea was had - a good selection of sandwiches including cheese, with chocolate and lemon drizzle cake. No Hula Hoops this week. Temple Sheen take to the field.

Paul and Kirirt open the bowling. Bowling without much luck - Bookham soon have 50 on the board. Lego watching from the balcony could stand it no longer and gets changed. He joins us on the field doing a very good impression of Heather Mills McCartney - fielding on one leg!  ( be careful Lego we will soon have you looking for land mines!)

A rush of blood by the opener Keith takes up a good catch at deep mid-off from Kirirt penultimate over. Change of bowling Ian for Paul and Pasty for Kirit. The change of bowling slowed down the Bookham charge. Ian taking 10 from 25 Pasty 3 for 35 off their 7 over's. good steady bowling from our trusty stalwarts, turned the game in our favour.

The last 12 over's were the responsibility of the spinners. Arron and Squirrel. Bookham no.4 bat having reached 50 came down the track once too often and was stumped. One of the 3 stumpings for Mark. Runs still came but not at the required rate and wickets still fell. Squirrel 6 over's 2-14 and Arron 6 over's 1-35. Bookham finish 181 for 8. A good game where everybody contributed. Man of the match Mark 96 runs and 3 stumpings. Also a gold star for Pasty 27, runs 3 wickets and a number of chases to the boundary. 

I hope the chemist at "The  Mount" has plenty of deep heat in stock.  I wont be late again as this is the umpteenth draft and the recycling bin is over flowing.  It has cost me dearly having to engage Mrs Squirrel with this task. What a great partnership  - I can't type and she knows Foxtrot Alpha about cricket ;-)

TSE v The Warwick Castle CC
Sun 15 June
Result: Won

Match report ; 7th edit, condensed version – if you want to see the full report I have it saved on three discs).

It was a bright sunny day and bright sunny expectations were had by all. Our Captain Ian……. decided to field first knowing that some of us have the attention span of a squirrel (ASOAS) and left to bat first would have forgotten why they were there.

Brian opened the bowling and bowled 3 maidens and got us two wickets, the first of the wickets resulted from an edge taken by Steve Coggins using spectacular acrobatics in the slips I’m sure he was wearing spandex for that extra smooth movement ). Ian ……also took a wicket and I have no idea what happened then (please refer to my first Para – ASOAS – mine – no more match reports from me then?)

Brain took his second wicket as a result of Kirit poaching a second catch from Steve in the slips – competing for attention in their new Temple Sheen shirts – Ernie and Amit seemed impressed any way.

Marti steamed in from the field end and found his groove bowling 5 Overs in total and was unlucky not to get a wicket as it was a close call on a few occasions especially with the controversial ‘no ball’ call.

Amit bowled and bowled and got really knackered however he did bowl a couple of maidens and the runs slowed but this we think was because they were unsettled by what they thought was a ‘Smurf’ playing for TS.

Steve Coggins took 3 wickets from his 6.1 Overs and was generally a one man show that day. Sorry Steve (was in the ‘zone’ at the time and …..actually ASOAS- sorry).

Kirit bowled from the road end and had to remind himself that he wasn’t playing baseball and had to pitch the ball during his 5 Overs but miraculously took two wickets (the praying helped).
We partook in the famous grand Effingham tea (thanks to Ian’s mum for spoiling us).

We were then back looking for action with our batting. Steve and Matt Richardson opened and gave us hope as the first wicket didn’t fall until about 40 (ASOAS) and Steve went on and on and on others came and went but Steve carried on. After Mark was bowled ? (ASOS) Lester joined Steve and the runs were piled on. Lego came and left as did everyone else – the middle order collapsed with Henry (paid attention here) bowling Arun and Marti and was on a hat trick when baby smurf (Amit) hit two off a no bowl then a casual stroke forgetting he wasn’t playing with smurfs hit the ball straight into the welcoming arms of the opposition. We still needed another 27 runs and Papa Squirrel Smurf arrived at the crease to take part in the glory as Steve made 79 runs not out and Kirit …..hit a glorious 4 to win the game (sorry Steve despite your sixes and fours through out and…. slogging all day out there what must have felt like on your own). Actually it must have felt much like speed dating for Steve…. with such rapid turn round of partners…not that I would know anything about it…….(I still have trouble with finding the space button ……better go…got to wash the whites…………………

TSE v Ealing Wanderers
Sun 8 June
Result: Lost

Temple Sheen were involved in yet another low scoring classic. The fixture secretary had been asked to find another fixture due to the scheduled opposition cancelling earlier in the season. Once again he produced the goods with a fixture in the grounds at the simply stunning Chiswick House against Ealing Wanderers.

The clear blue skies and tropical temperature had combined to bring out many families, young couples sunbathing, dog walkers, joggers and the odd tramp. All stationed around the mighty tree lined boundary in anticipation of the upcoming battle.

Sheen batted first as is their want and lately as is their want, they made a bit of a mess of it. Squirrel was back with his old mucker and scoreboard worrier Matt to open the innings. Some very quick and accurate bowling helped to quell Matt’s run a ball philosophy and when Steve attempted to cut a rare wide ball he was unlucky to drill it straight into the hands of gulley. Mark who has been the shining light in the top order strode to the crease and made his intensions clear with a couple of trade mark cuts for four. Sadly he too played at a wide one and was caught. A clearly out of form Lego played and missed several times, Matt maybe realising this tried to back up a bit too keenly and on being sent back was easily run out. John came and went and Lego was finally put out of his misery, leaving Marty and Ian to try and salvage some pride as Sheen were struggling on 38-5.

Marty who has clearly been waiting for the sun to come out and warm his back, started playing some of the flourishing shots that we all love to see from him and with Ian playing the captains role at the other end, the score started to approach some sort of respectability.
Marty was finally bowled for twenty five and with Pastie supporting Ian with some hard running and shots Sheen ended their innings on 119-7.

Without doubt Sheen have bowled and fielded superbly over the last few games and they would have to continue this form if they were going to be asked back to this fantastic venue.
Simon opened the bowling and struggled with his length early on but encouraged by Jane to alter his technique, he recovered to superbly and soon found his stride, having conceded twelve runs in his first over he showed great guts to return 8-0-30-0.

Ian once again was almost unplayable and with Thomas taking a great catch low down at mid on for his dad his figures were 8-4-11-1. The openers had bowled their maximum eight over straight through and Ealing were finding runs hard to score.

Thomas and Pastie needed to keep up the good work and apply more pressure to Ealing. Pastie struck in his first over, a low full toss had the opener licking his lips and he straight batted it over Phil and watched as Lego hauled his frame to his right from mid off and caught the ball at full stretch. Thomas and Phil kept things tight for the next few overs, backed up by enthusiastic fielding and in over number three from Thomas he clean bowled batsman three. Pastie produced his new speciality ball and the number four had been grubbed out lbw. More tight bowling and then in Thomas produced a fantastic finally to his spell. A dot ball followed by an unplayable ball that cut back and passed through the defence of the batsman, clean bowled. Three more dot balls and then with the team urging him to find another dot and not try anything too risky, he clean bowled the number seven for a duck.

This really was the coming of age for Thomas. He showed maturity way beyond his age and his figures of 8-1-24-3 earned him the votes from the team as the man of the match, sadly he declined the invitation from the team to get a jug in, blaming the current Hula Hoop crisis and increasing cost of school pack lunches. That and he was saving up to by a new season ticket to Farnham were he is courting the future Mrs Coggins. Phil ended his spell with a wicket and finished with great figures of 8-0-29-3.

After 32 overs Sheen had restricted Ealing to 98-7 but despite Squirrel and Marty’s efforts the home team passed Sheen’s total in the 37th over.

A fantastic days cricket played in fabulous conditions at a stunning venue I ask you could anyone leave the ground anything but totally fulfilled?

TSE v Stallions
Sun 1 June
Result: Lost

A hastily arranged fixture was confirmed on Saturday afternoon with Stallion CC, a team from Essex on their day off from Sunday league duties.

The Stallions trotted into town slightly later than planned, due to their SatNav taking them on a scenic tour of various Surrey bridleways, rather than the direct, M25 route.

The late arrival prompted an enjoyable fielding practice session which coincided with one of Temple Sheen's better displays of fielding. Maybe it should become a regular thing!

The two skippers went to the middle and having won the toss, Stallion's skipper hoofed it back to the changing rooms to discuss what to do with the rest of the team. A decision was eventually made and we were put in the field.

Brian and Dave opened the bowling. Brian was into his stride quickly and proved something of a horse whisperer as his figures of 1-29 show. Brian's hard work was rewarded when a superb catch gave him a timely wicket. Lego later revealed that he only saw the ball at the last moment as he was conducting his very own Springwatch and observing a rare lesser spotted crested pheasant off in the distance.

Stallion's openers proved to be champing at the bit to put quick runs on the board. But this ultimately proved to be their downfall too. Ian came on to replace Dave and a deceptive ball got him his first wicket with a return catch. Ian continued his usual thorough-bred bowling, picking up three more wickets and ending with the excellent figures of 4-21.

The highlight of the day was watching Thomas Coggins (our young colt) bowl. He came on at a tricky time, when the going was heavy, after Brian had just been hit for 2 successive sixes. One of the the stallions was trying to stamp his authority on Sheen's bowlers. But Tom stepped up to the plate, completely unfazed and won the challenge by taking the dangerman's wicket in his first over. Well caught Mark! Thomas continued to bowl well, ending up with figures of 1-25.

Well bowled too Pasty, both his wickets came from appeals for LBW, plum in front on the back leg, there was nothing the umpire could do but give them! Later Pasty was put out to pasture, in a spot adjacent to the boundary where he was looking for quiet time of it – the ball promptly followed him around.

There was a consolation wicket for Dave Twooze who bowled a lot better in his second spell. This came from a fine catch from Julian who got it at the second attempt as he fell back to earth like a faller at Beecher's Brook. In doing so he twisted his withers, and paid no further part in the match - get well soon Julian!

Temple Sheen put in a great bowling and fielding display, which we can be proud of. It gained praise and respect from the stallions.

The tea was up to it's normal high standard. Each player's nose bag contained sausage rolls, ham sandwiches, chipolatas and vegetarian rock cakes, with no rocks in them!

And so to our batting....
The stallions opening bowlers came in at a gallop, poor Marty continued his bad run of form, when he got a snorter which cut back a country mile and removed his bails. Mark was met with a first ball, full toss which rapped him on his pinkie. Meg later renamed it his purplie. By now it's probably his black, yellow & blue-ie. Only joking Mark - I hope there is no serious damage and that you are able to play next Sunday.

Mark was hit on the arm a few overs later and in his anger proceeded to hit the next four balls to various parts of the boundary, on his way to top scoring with 28.

At the other end Pasty was batting stubbornly, trying to see the opening bowlers off. Their tails were up and thought they spotted an old nag, only fit for the glue factory. But Pasty was having none of it and he hit 17 valuable runs and combined well with Mark for a good partnership. He fell at the last hurdle when he played on to his stumps, his concentration had been disturbed somewhat by the Stallions wicket-keeper's mobile phone. This held up play on several occasions and it was good to see their skipper was furious too!

The phone ended up on the scorers table where it continued to ring intermittently for the rest of the innings. Guess who was our scorer? yes you're right – Pasty. His disapproval was clearly audible from the middle when I was umpiring.

After Mark was clean bowled, trying to keep the run-rate ticking over, not much else can be said for the Temple Sheen batting. Had it matched our attempts whilst fielding then I think we could have got the runs. But the change bowling was unrelenting and Stallions proved to be young bucks in the field too.

Temple Sheen fell short by 80-odd runs. Ian carried his bat and Julian was not fit to bat..

TSE v Brading
Sun 25 May
Result: Draw

I was honoured to be asked to skipper Temple Sheen in our first match Tour 2008.
I was doubly honoured as our New Shirts were on parade for the first time, both training shirts and match shirts looking very smart First thanks of the tour to Ian.
9 Temple Sheen members and 2 guests turned up at Brading for a game that our amateur weather forecaster Mr Derek " it will rain all tour" Cleveland said could not take place.  Del I hope the weather in Southport was as good as we had.
Second thanks of the tour to Brading for getting the game on, the weather the night before had been atrocious by the time we arrived 2 pitches were available to us and we used the newly rolled grass one.
Thirdly thanks to the 2 guys from Bembridge who made up the numbers for us, well done Richard and Stevie.
Brading were put in Ian given the new ball along with Richard, Ian straight onto line and length, opener bowled, number 3 bowled and number 4 well caught by Tommy, 10-3 all to Ian. I must admit to missing a sitter of Richard otherwise both opening bowlers would of had victims and Tommy's catch in the next over got me out of trouble. Julian came onto bowl and got rid of the other opener, but this was the last success for some time,  Bradings no. 5 & 6 made a large partnership the no. 5 making an unbeaten 105, Pastie, Marty and Stevie K were smacked around the ground. Time for a double bowling change.  Steve "Big Fella" Coggins at one end and his smaller!!!!! brother recalled at the other end Mark ran out the No 5, Steve bowled the no.7 and Brading declared at 188-6, Ians bowling 9-1-36-3 keeping the score under 200.
Fourth set of thanks to the tea ladies from Brading, the tea was superb no complaints from either Tommy or Lego!!!!!
At 4-31 we had not started well, Steve had been caught for a duck  [where was the tour tea shirt] John suffered a direct hit on his toe and his stumps suffered a similar fate from a return from the boundary alas run out 7, Julian was bowled for 11  and Lego committed suicide with a cross batted hoick to nowhere bowled for 6, we were in short in the doodahs [ refer to I.O.W. dictionary]  Mark and Ian pulled the innings round a partnership of 55 broken when Mark was out for 39, Richard followed for 7 ,Marty went for 5, Ian 26 and Tommy a duck [ when we find the tee shirt it will be presented to our President] the score was 118-9 with 6.3 over's left. Pastie and Stevie K batted out for a draw a fair result! I would say that anyway.
Bank Holiday Monday
I should not be writing this but our amateur weather forecaster got it right 2nd time round more filthy weather overnight and early morning put paid to any cricket however in Mark Lester and Lego, Temple Sheen have a pair of well "chancers" is not really the right word perhaps Arfer Daley's would be the right way to describe them, Marty and John had to leave early and by the time Julian got back dropping them at the Ferry the Temple Sheen Sports SEPTAGON had been organised, each of the remaining members had stumped up £7 or was it £5 it matters not and we were all given a torn piece of green paper, do not lose it Pastie its your JOKER .  The sports were Crazy Spooky golf, basketball hoops, ten pin bowling, air shuffle football that's 3 out of 4 for Mark to be followed by golf at Browns, Darts and pool, if I was being cynical I might say that the choice of sports might be biased towards someone who had lived in the states , run his own pub, was a good golfer and who as a kid had his own air football table but that would not be fair. It was accurate as Mark wiped the floor with us, as organiser presented himself with the Trophy and the rest of us with a thimble apart from Tommy who got a stick of rock! honest this is not sour grapes as that night mark treated all of us to a meal in the Caulkheads pub so well done mate.  Mark now has a furry friend, Mark and Julian are indistinguishable at a distance so beware. More thanks to Tommy for saying grace and reminding us to be in bed by 10.30 , was that a.m or p.m?
Final Thought
To those of you who missed the tour if you would find it easier to go at a different time of the year or indeed would like to go elsewhere let out committee know YOU MISSED A GREAT TIME

TSE v Bank of England
Sun 18 May
Result: Draw

Report to follow.....

TSE v Norwood
Sun 11 May
Result: Won

At last a sunny day at Effingham on Sunday! 11 players on the ground with 2 on the way, not the way it had been looking earlier in the week!

Norbury won the toss and their Skipper insisted on the whole 11 going to the wicket to decide whether to Bat or Bowl!

Finally a deceision is made and Temple Sheen are invited to Bat!
First problem for Leggo who wanted to open with Julian and Kirrit, who was delayed due to Arun doing a run for Charity in the Morning.

Decision made Julian and Keith to open, 2.05 Ready to go!

Both Batsmen started briskly and when Julian was caught of a supposidly"No Ball" for 18 and the Score at 34. Enter Marti with only
3 added Keith was out for 10.

Enter Mark only to be brilliantly caughtat short square leg for 0.
Enter Leggo first scoring stroke 6 to square leg recorded by the assistant scorer as 4 A good stand developed with Marti and Marti was bowled for 25 the score 82.

Kirrit was next in, and continued with a stand with Leggo who was next out for 31 the score on 104. A short stand followed beween father and son when Arun was caught for 0 the score had reached 114.

Matt was next in and desite some doggy running between the wickets scored 2 before being bowled the score on 123. Ian showed potential but Kirrit ws out for 22 at 127.

The tail failed to wag, and one extra was scored seeing Dave bowled for 0 followed in quick sucession by Pasty., both not troubling the Score Board thus leaving Ian not out 0. The final score being 128 all out!

A highly recommended Temple Sheen tea followed, thanks to Lauri and Leggo, with cakes prepared by Pam. Pasty was seen encouraging the opposition to dive into the Chocolate Cake!

Opening over to Dave followede by Pasty 6 and 4 runs scored!

First wicket to Dave 7 Runs next over 2 Wickets for Pasty Norbury 3 for 11

After 4 overs Dave replaced by Julian. 2 More wickets for Pasty departs after 6 overs for 6 Runs. Norbury now 15 for 5. Arun now brought into the attack ending with 6 overs for 31 Runs a run out saw Norbury 70 for 6.

The Norbury Captain retires on 45 with cramp Julian leaves the attack 0 for15,to be replaced by Pastie for 2 overs. Kirrit comes into the attack Pstie leaves with Figures of 4 for 9 re enter Dave to bowl his last 4 overs 1 over left and by the end of the over a hat trick and 4 or 20. Kirrit took the last wicket to finish 1 for 6

A very convincing win for Temple Sheen by 41 Runs.

TSE v Newdigate
Sun 20 April
Result: Lost
Turned up Sunday, wicket cut, chicken wire and chairs on the square (this being a deterent to stop joyriders running their ford capris across the pitch (which happened closed season causing a fair amount of damage). Eventually found stumps and markers, buried in the changing room with printers,tv, bar furniture, everything plus the kitchen sink. The painters were in, sorry Effingham player, plus wife and pyromaniac son (who seemed to put everything unwanted in the club house on a bonfire, ) not knowing 22 hungry herberts were up for a game of cricket.
Once we picked their jaws off the floor and spoken to half of Effingham's committee on whether the game should be played (v wet soggy outfield) the game did start. Newdigate won the toss and elected to field.
Enter Julian and Steve from the newly created dressing room (Steves Mondeo in the carpark) past a filing cabinet, tv, smirnoff ice pile of unused bottles and the bonfire, of which if it wasn't nailed down it got burnt.
I didn't see much of the match as I was partially helping Joe and Abs clear the kitchen , so this will be brief and inaccurate.
Steve out for not a lot bowled

Mark a couple of boundaries before out - score ? I'll ask Del  at least double figures
Lego in everyones fantasy team ... quack quack oooops
Marti a couple then caught 
Julian caught on tennish
John lovely looking 6 turned into a 1 when it got stuck in the mud, out for 4ish.
Neil, well done double figures
me for one  very outragous reverse paddle, before leading edge to slip
Brian again close to double figures
and Pasty for 1
leaving Ian stranded not out 0 - playing for averages ...
63 all out - looked like nets had been a power of good  in the closed season.
Tea taken, what a super spread, the clubhouse was back to some normality thanks hugely to 1 Effing player and wife act (thanks)
Great tea, please keep the tomatoes out of the egg please, cheese back in fashion and a good old piece of your mums victoria sponge (pam will pull me up on that probs as it was bound to be something different.)
Their inning ... great runout by Ian (of what he remembers, picking pieces of his finger off the track), lbw for Julian , and another wicket for someone else (ian/pasty/brian) please delete where appropriate.
Game over by 16:30 ... was going to have a beer match but half the commiteee from effers appeared and it was thought it best to retire to the bar or feed the bonfire with redundant unused cricket bats.
The fielding was poor due to the ground, catches missed and I am totally miffed for all those players who picked me for their fantasy team , I was told I dropped 2 , one I palmed to Steve at 1st slip as he's in my fantasy team and I need the points and the other off Pastys quick bowling which he signallled to me by scratching a part of his body b4 delivery, I thought he had nits and ignored it to my cost, standing right up , inside edge going down legside at a 140 degree angle into the ground. The fantasy committee are cruel so dont say i didnt warn you, especially as Mr Lego decided to bottle a catch that he had time to dive for, infact so much time and bottle, he had time to find a crate to put his bottle in b4 trying to dive. Certain other memebers dropped a few catches but wouldnt have made much of a difference
That was Sunday - funny old day  - thanks to all that helped and especially to the two youngsters helping in the kitchen, pam and Ian's lovely teas, Lego for arranging the pitch and inspecting it personally each day, and to the skipper for making was seemed a bad start to the day into a quite enjoyable one even if it was the first defeat of the season.
Final view from the field, sunsetting over a roll of chicken wire and 8 rickety ol chairs.