2005 Match Reports


18 September 2005
Temple Sheen vs Dormansland
Temple Sheen won

11 September 2005
Temple Sheen vs Bagshot
Temple Sheen won

Weather: Overcast
Pitch Condition: Green and soggy
Prince Andrew kindly lent us his back garden for the afternoon. A splendid venue indeed!
A toss of sorts was made and Temple Sheen either elected or were invited (not quite sure?!) to bat first.
Squirrel Coggins and Graham Cook strode to the wicket for Sheen. Squirrel despatched the first ball of the innings beautifully for 4 through the covers. Surely a taste of things to come. That 4 was quickly followed by a single and a double and then he was out, caught at second slip by a giant of a man. He retired to the changing rooms to have a few more singles and doubles of his own. His departure bought about the long awaited partnership of Cook and Cook, greatly anticipated by their family who had taken up residence in the comfy chairs in front of the unfolding 5th Test from The Oval. Unusually, Kevin took a back seat for once and Graham was scoring freely with some tremendous shot making. A partnership of 68 ensued before Kevin played one onto his stumps for 17. In strode Steve ‘Freddie’ Ledger, resembling Mr Flintoff aloft the team coach on Tuesday morning!

Whilst Graham continued to score 4’s and 6’s at leisure, Lego was scratching around due to the fact that his pant elastic had finally given out under the strain and his box was travelling around his nether regions. Joyce was seen scampering from the warmth of the pavilion to the score box on a number of occasions, a sure sign that Graham was approaching 50, not just in age.

On 49 he called Lego through for a quick single and the place erupted. Brenda just had time to say ‘well batted Graham’ before disappearing into The Harvester to share some onion rings and cheesy chips with Andrew & Fergie.

Graham was finally dismissed going for another big shot on 69. A very good innings well batted. This brought Sheens latest overseas import to the crease, Steve Tingle, a Kiwi who has been hiding at Argos all year until unearthed by Bronwyn. He was off the mark with an elegant leg glance for 4 before the second ball went for a single, a very good start to his Temple Sheen career.

At the other end, Lego was s
lowly compiling another typically patient innings, resisting the temptation of the big shot in favour of leg glances for 1. One such shot sadly brought the downfall of young Tingle who called Lego through for 2, sadly the misguided fool hadn’t done his homework and having sprinted the first run in record time, he was on his way back for the 2nd before Lego had completed the first. Surely the smell of onion rings and cheesy chips from the Harvester end had something to do with it? Eventually Lego made it to the waft of the onion rings, turned, only to see the youthful Kiwi coming back to take the smell away from him. “NO” Lego cried. At which point Steve, having failed to buy some spikes from page 563 of the Argos Catalogue, skidded, and fell on his AR…gos. He was run out for 5.

Rob came to the crease but eager to get back to watch the latest rain/light delay of the 5th Test he quickly returned to the warmth of the Pavilion, LBW for 0. That bought the skipper to the crease and Ian did his best to give Lego as much strike as possible with some very well timed nudges for 1. Lego reached his 50 and then went on in the closing stages of the innings to reach 77 not out, ably assisted by Ian who made a quick 19 not out. Sheen declared at 213 for 5.

Tea was taken. Lots of delights (no cheese). A surprisingly nice banana cake.
Bagshot sent out their openers. A tall lanky guy and his sunhat and a young lad, who was quickly bowled by Brian, making a guest appearance, for 2. Brian then dismissed the sun-hat man and Sheen had the home side reeling at 18 for 2. Pasty at the pavilion end keeping things tight without any reward, although he did manage to hit the stumps with a delivery that failed to dislodge the bails. Kiwi Steve replaced Pasty at the Pavilion end whilst squirrel came on at the Harvester end. Steve immediately took a wicket but was having trouble standing up without spikes. Sadly for him, he was about to catch a dose of foot rot when Pasty volunteered the use of his spikes and the swap was duly made mid-wicket. It seemed to do the trick as he took two more quick wickets, although the rest of the team were slightly concerned when, after his last wicket, he retied to fine leg and was seen doubled over, coughing his guts up.

Squirrel decided that he wanted to change ends as someone had ordered a steak from the Harvester and it was putting him off. That same steak also put Lego off as he dropped a very difficult chance (sorry Squirrel). So someone had to step up to bowl at the dreaded Harvester end. “Warm up Lego” cried Ian. After everyone had stopped laughing hysterically at the prospect of Steve Lego bowling, he began marking out his huge run up. The hysteria died down and he bowled a reasonable over, going for 5 and more importantly allowing squirrel to change ends. Job done….or so he thought.
Squirrel took an excellent catch off his own bowling, which came over his shoulder. He made it look easy. The change of ends was already fully justified.

Much to Lego’s surprise he was given another over and he intended to take this chance and make the most of being centre stage (how unlike him!). He had their No7, who was starting to look very dangerous and a potential match-winner, caught behind by Gerry for his first wicket in two years. Obviously he was given another over! Next over something never seen before, and probably never to be seen again, happened. The Bagshot No8, who was later seen tying a noose in a large tree, was out. Caught Cornish, bowled Steve’ Freddie’ Lego. Quite an amazing site and I for one was glad I was there to witness it.

Bagshot were now reeling at 110 for 8. After blocking out another Squirrel over, Lego now brimming with confidence steamed in and let one go out the back of his hand, completely deceiving pace-wise, the No7, who hit the ball straight to Squirrel at mid-off. Local residents were starting to assemble in the Harvester car-park, presumably to catch a glimpse of England’s latest all-rounder in action. No 11 nervously came to the wicket and visibly shaking took his guard. Lego stalked the wicket and then in a finale worthy of any of the 5 Ashes Tests, he ripped through the defences and the off-stump cartwheeled out of the ground, narrowly avoiding Gerry’s eyes. The game was over. Bagshot all out for nelson and the Sheen side mobbed Lego. Someone did have the nerve to say that the four batsmen who had fallen foul of Lego should never pick up a bat again.
Lego’s 10 team mated tried to carry him aloft, to the pavilion. Sadly, after 20 minutes and the arrival of a crane, the light had dimmed so much that they all gave up and walked off the pitch whistling.

4 September 2005
Temple Sheen vs Strenue
Strenue won

A lovely day, we turned up at the car park to find we still had a 300 yard walk, Del did well. Pastie and Rob carried his kit whilst he struggled with the match ball!  Ian came back from losing the toss and said they wanted a 35 over a side match but he informed their skipper that we did not play Mickey Mouse cricket so it was 40 overs a side with no restrictions.

Ian and Kevin opened the bowling, Matt had not arrived  he was drivig from Manchester and had been delayed by one of Brownies cooked breakfasts, and Ian took a wicket with his first ball, unfortunately it was a long time before we got another. Strenue had an imported kiwi batting at 2, he spent a couple of overs slogging and missing and when he connected put the ball in the air just out of our reach.
It is right here to comment on our fielding, some of it was great some average and the rest c**p, it is also right to pick one player out....Pual Standing aka. northern git or our Barry who fielded superbly, his spell this year playing in the Wendy house league has obviously suited him.

Their no2 made an annoying 62 and their number 3 a good 105 as they raced along helped by a lightening fast outfield and a hot day as well. Matt turned up looking suitably bloated a good effort to travel so far after Brownies culinary efforts. Steve Soggins got their no. 2 out and ended with 3-66 Pastie got the no.3 well caught by our Barry, and ended with 5-43 as Strenue posted a score of 224.

Tea was taken, very nice too and Kev and Steve opened the batting, a partnership of 34 being ended by a superb catch at first slip which stuck, Rob came and went and Ledge {very nice to see the grandparents} went out and with Kev put on 62 before being caught and bowled fo 30. Gerry came and went and Ian strolled out to bat, by now the outfield had slowed [dew] and the light was beginning to fade, Kev was still batting well, Ian was given out L.B.W. to save Robs blushes I shan't tell you who was umpiring, instead I shall welcome Rob to the club as he is already looking forward to plying next saeson.Paul was next in and was not out 15 at the end of 40 overs, Kevin 8 short of his hundred unbeaten on 92, well batted Kev especially the last 6 overs when the light was so bad the scorer had to concentrate on the scorebook whilst he was told what was happening in the middle!!!!

A good game played in the right spirit, lovely weather and both teams adjourned to the local pub and finished the evening in the time honoured way.

28 August
Temple Sheen 155-8 dec
Carrillion Old Boys 159-9
Carillion Old Boys won

Temple Sheen and Carillion Old Boys staged their own mini epic whilst England's run chase was taking place at Trent Bridge Test. It was a game where the balance of power swapped frequently and led to a tense finish.

An amicable agreement (toss) between the two captains saw TSE batting first and trying to get through the tight opening overs. It was Pasties turn to collect a duck this week, whilst Steve's knock of 77 made up for last weeks zero and held the innnings together. On a slow-ish wicket and with long grass in parts of the out-field a large total was always going to be tricky. A very youthful Old-boys side (in fact most of them looked like they hadn't even left school, let alone be old boys!!), made quick singles risky.

With only 4 to his name, Kevin departed, caught behind. Next in was Rob who was out the very next ball! This left our skipper for the day, Steve Ledger, to face the hat-trick ball - cometh the hour, cometh the man! The 2 Steve's then put on a healthy partnership, including a well aimed stroke from squirrel which bounced through the gully/point area and into the pavilion window - another week, another insurance claim. Was that the shot that broke his bat? Talking of broken bats, Mr Ledger managed to crack the middle of Matt's bat on his way to 23, with a force the likes of which Matt's sweet spot has never felt before!

After Ledger was out, Graham came in, played a few stylish looking shots but his stint was over too soon as well. John in next who prodded about for a bit and then lashed out, hitting one of their occasional bowlers for a six and a four before being caught at mid-on. Matthew in next, who was too busy thinking about tomorrows racing at Haydock or Middlesex's chances of staying in the Champ. Div 1 when Steve called him through for a quick single, unfortunately he was run-out for 1. The whole of Surrey must have heard him take out his frustration on the dressing room door - more cracks in his bat no doubt!

Welcome back Simon, unfortunately the season started in April (I know it's confusing when both months start with an A). Unfortunately he didn't last long when the opening bowlers came back on. Yet again Nick came in with only a few balls of the innings left, but managed to protect his wicket, mostly with his body (how are the bruises coming along?). Which left Coggins senior and Coggins junior the not out batsmen. 155-8

Then the best tea of the season was consumed, thank you ladies, whilst we watched England try to win the 4th test. It was too much for most so we headed back to the match.
Lego knew his bowling options were limited the moment Kev told him he still wasn't fit to bowl. But he made the brave move to put Matt on straight away from the 'elements' end, for a couple of overs, just to see how he got on. And what inspired captaincy it turned out to be. Both opening bats took their chances and both were lucky not to be either stumped, caught or bowled. But they rode their luck and began to look well set. But not for long. Matt got the first of his magnificent seven. This brought another youngster who played confidently until Pasty, with shades on, clean bowled him. Up until that point it looked like the Old Boys were home and dry. But thanks to yet another well judged catch from Nick Coggins (that's 2 in 2 games!), 3 excellent stumpings from Kevin deputising for Gerry, a plum LBW and a catch from Rob, Matt had spun his magic and put in an even better spell than the one at Oakley. Pasty took another crucial wicket of the opener who he had tied down for a good few overs.

The Old Boys needed 30 odd off 6 overs with one wicket to spare, but some intelligent batting and a dogged approach from their skipper saw them home.

Our vice-captain did well to ensure the game was played in the right spirit, the result could quite easily gone either way, unfortunately not his way. The honours went to Steve Coggins and Matt Richardson who made sure we were always in the game. Matt was even presented with the match ball by their skipper as a memento - lovely touch!!

22 August 2005
TSECC 149-5 40 overs
Woodmansterne 150

Woodmansterne Won

Temple Sheen rolled back the years and put out a side from yester-year, who would have been at peak fitness around 1975 - shame then that this was being played in 2005. After all when was the last time you saw Kenny Lugg and Tommy Weakner playing with each other - I mean in the same team?

Temple Sheen veterans were inserted and things got off to an ominous start with Steve 'squirrel' Coggins back within the first over without scoring. This brought together Kevin and Kenny together. They nudged, nurdled and hit the occasional boundary but with the 2 opening bowlers only putting straight balls on a length it was never easy. Eventually these 2 bowlers made way for a succession of younger, more hit-able bowlers and our run rate increased significantly. After a good partnership Ken was first out. This brought debutant Rob to the crease who, despite not having played for 5 years managed to find the middle of the bat and the boundary with it. When he was bowled Pasty joined Kevin. Kevin racked up yet another patient half century. Pasty made a rapid 24 ish including one dashing six to the shortest boundary on the pitch. Both were out trying to up the tempo leaving Nick and John as the 2 not out batsmen at the end of 40 overs - although it was more like 45 with all the wides which were bowled.

Tea was lovely, shame about the tea leaves.

Defending 149 was never going to be easy but eccentrics did their best. Woodmansterne's 2 openers played well, balls were flying everywhere, a lot were in the air but nothing was going to hand. Brian and Steve bowled well but were replaced to try something else. Pasty had a go, so did Nick and Kenny Lugg gave a demonstration of his bowling yipps. Both openers reached their 50's and then retired - rather arrogant we thought. It was decided to bring the players in from the boundaries and attack the new batsmen. In the space of 2 overs John took 2 wickets, one well judged catch from Nick Coggins, the only really youth-full element of the side and boy did it show. The other taken behind the stumps by Kevin Cook from the faintest of edges - well walked the batsman because neither bowler or umpire heard it. All of a sudden Temple Sheen's tails were up and there was some belief that we could pull off a remarkable victory. But with only 20 runs needed it was going to be tough. Brian was steaming in like he was 23 again but unfortunately to no avail.

Three shots to cow-corner and it was all over.

To rub salt into our wounds, on returning to the dressing rooms both Brian and Pasty had had their bats stolen. So if anyone offers to sell you a bat in a pub, do everyone a favour, buy it and then wrap it around their heads!!

7 August 2005
TSECC 193-3
Oakley 114 all out

Temple Sheen Won

Sundays fixture took us to everyones favourite ground, Oakley near Basingstoke. We turned up with 11, yes 11 without Mr K Cook, although 2 of his relatives stepped in this week, one from 50 miles away and one from 3050 miles away, namely Graham and Mark. Good to see you both....
Anyway Ian Coggins won the toss and decided to hit the ball round the pitch, opening with Mark and Pasty. Oakley bowled extremely tight early on and Mark was on his way without scoring, working out how much that duck had cost in airmiles! Unlucky Mark. Pasty was joined by Squirrel (alias Steve), and between them took the score nicely to 50 with some free-flowing strokes, a bit of luck and an odd six here and there. Steve made a brisk 27 before being caught, whilst Pasty continued with Keith at no 4, soon he was bowled for 36  with a good in swinging yorker (or thats what it looked like from where I was standing). This bought Lego to the crease, and like Flintoff the previous day showed no respect to a bowling outfit that kept the openers at bay with good tight bowling. With about 20 overs gone , and the score around the 80 mark, a bit of a hurry up was called for. Ledge opened his shoulders and started to hit the ball to all parts of the ground under the wtchful eye of the missus.....
She must have been impressed as she seemed to text her mates with every 4 hit ! Ledge was well complimented by Keith's batting, running, and giving the strike to Lego, or maybe he can't count.

Anyway got to 193 for 3, Keith on 30 unbeaten and Lego on 70 unbeaten on a slowly deteriorating wicket, which could help the spinners later.
Another superlative tea with my favourite the bread pudding and plenty cheese of sandwiches.
Their innings started well with both batsman having to work for their runs, finding the boundary when required, that until Mark bowled the opener for 23, the trip was becoming worthwhile after all. No Pasty in the attack this week he was in the field grazing, in the meadow beyond after his earlier knock. Ian was bowling the other end, beating the bat, finding the edge, but this week had no joy of a wicket. So he decided to mix things up and brought on Squirrel, 2 balls of rubbish and appealed for lbw and the other opener duly given out plum, for 28.
Then the fun began, the score was ticking along nicely 78 for 2 when Matt came on out of the sun. Shining the ball might I add via his arse-crack, lucky I was wearing glove, I wasn't gonna touch that cherry. Came in to bowl gave the ball so much air it came down with a space shuttle tile attached, but it did the trick, no. 3 bat went to drive, missed the ball and was stumped for 7, Steve had got his second wicket of the afternoon the other end bowling a young lad. Matt then got bat 6 out for 21 with a catch behind,  next lad out first ball bowled Matt on a hatrick ... to no avail though. They were now getting desparate on 110 for 6 , further meteorological probs ahead from the currant, another stumping and yet another golden duck, bowled again another hat-trick... (by the way congrats to Matt for passing 250th wicket for club with his first dismissal.) again to no avail. A further stumping left Matt with 6 wickets and Gerry ended up with 3 stumpings and a catch.
Anyway, they were down to the last pair who batted out 10 overs, with Matt and Steve now off and Mark and Ian back in the attack, and running out of time to get the wicket, 2 balls remained, Mark steaming in and bowled their last man, on the 2nd to last ball. 

A most satisfying result. Good day had by all, and well supported by the ladies of the club.

10 July 2005
TSECC v Raynes Park F.P.

Raynes park F.P. Won

3 July
TSECC 110 all out
Bantead 114-6
Bansteads Won

Bit of a strange one this week. I arrived at the ground at about 13:45 for 14:00 start with only Del boy and Pasty for company. There were already 3 teams at the ground for two pitches which made perfect sense, but already one team (who were playing Banstead Academy young boys) had cried off. Banstead 2's who we were supposed to be playing but were infact playing 3 Bridges, infact we didn't even get a mention in their fixture card!

After what seemed to be hours, we went to the far pitch to play Banstead 2s. I think the young lads from the Academy playing in their jim jams, were more than a match for us... their average age being 17, whilst ours being 71!

We batted first with the weather looking to fall out of the sky at any moment. The solid partnership of Richardson and Cornish, were changed for the 20/20 pair of Cornish and Breslin. Their opening bowler's 3rd ball (107 mph) almost put Pasty into orbit, whilst the other opener was bowling a good length and line, giving nothing away to Keith. I think Mr Cornish's life was flashing past him with every ball bowled and it was only inevitable that he was convincingly bowled, looking behind him on his slow walk back at his shattered stumps.

Keith unfortunately went the same way and we were 6 for 2. This bought Kev and Lego to the crease, who steadied the ship before Kev was bowled for 20 and Lego holing out to a slower ball from the young bowler who kept the keeper busy, bowling leg side every other ball. Lego dismissed for 22. Ian and I came in on around 65 for 2 and put on a mini partnership , before the skipper was bored with me and I was run out for 6. In came the debutant for TSE, Mr Jolyon Roberts, one of Neil's close friends, a head master from Wimbledon (please don't mark this , the gramma is shite), needed to get out more on Sundays (according to George, his wife) and get out he did, after 1 run. Better luck next week Jolyon. John the Hat next - quick fire 14 and we were into 3 figures! Unfortunately there was no wag to the tail. With both Del (1) and Matt (3) offering catching practice to the opposition. This left Master Tom Coggs stranded with no partners on 0 no. The opposition required Nelson for a win.
Tea taken, seafood sandwiches mmmhh luverly. A tea which was regimental, Our sandwiches on one side of the room, with Banstead's on the other. And where were the cheese sandwiches? On the enemies side !!!

The oppo set off on their task to knock the runs off. Again we were facing a young lad and an anti pod ean, who looked like he could have an array of shots in his pouch, but decided to put the first few skywards just falling between fielders off Kevs bowling.It was'nt too long before Mr Cook's good bowling paid off with the other opener caught behind for 5. This then bought another youngster to the wicket, who I thought was Maxwell from Big Brother, not that I watch that rubbish you understand. Anyway he played his shots running smartly between the sticks, before being superbly runout by the athletic prowess of Mr Matt Richardson for 5. Jono the other opener was hitting the ball to all corners of the ground before our opening strike bowler was clubbed for 6. It was then Kev had thought he'd pulled something, I've heard of excuses for being swiped for 6 but this really takes the garibaldi.

Back to the game, at 80 odd for 2 it was plain sailing, or was it. The Aussie had hit 50, but his partners were looking shaky. Taking of shaky their no 4 bat was so far down the track when he was given LBW off Pasty, he could have shaky'ed his hand!

I stumped the no 6 bat for 0 off Phil's bowling whilst, John weighed in with bowling their no 5 bat for 3. They would have struggled without the help of their overseas player who ended n.o on 88. 114 for 6.

Could we get an overseas player ?? Maybe Stevie Kay from Bebridge IOW maybe.
That makes  3 wins 4 draws and 2 losses so far. By the way apologies for  not mentioning Del last week, put this right now by mentioning you twice in one report.

Thanks once again goes to our merry band of supporters, good to see Brenda back and Neil and Ruth along again for moral support. Hope the knee mends soon. And great to see Jolyon and George for the first time at the club, more to come I hope. The supporters almost looked professional with their inflatable 4s and 6s, Kenny Everett style big hands, courtesy of Surrey CC.

19 June
TSECC 183-2
Slinfold 179 all out
Temple Sheen Won

Very hot day down at Slinfold Sunday, good to see us turn up again with 10, luckily again we had a Slinfold colt do a fantastic bowling job for us - goes by the name of Tim.

Anyway we were put into bat Matt and Pasty opened, both started off nervously, Pasty wealding a new weapon, which unfortunately for 10 overs didn;t seem to have a middle, still  best to use the whole of the bat if you've spent the money on it eh Pasty?  Before long a fifty partnership was on the cards... but poor Matt got a tickle down legside and did the decent thing and walked .... Pratt .... that bought Kevin to the crease, I hastily got replaced umpiring and Kev got to grips with a very good batting track, before long Pasty was checking his wallet and holed out on 49, being bowled score being 70 odd. This bought Lego to the crease ..
The rest was a joy to watch ... lets say Lego was seeing the ball like he saw the thong monster the previous week. 4's , 6's ... couldn't put a foot wrong. Kev for once was playing 2nd fiddle, this being lucky as he caught the sun slightly slapbound  from the cricket he'd played on the previous day. Kev finished on 32 no and Lego with a magnificient 78 no ... total of 183 for 2 ...
Another great tea with cheese, good to see Joan Redford still scoring wth son, after so many years.  We were playing a good number of colts from Slinfold, who had already bowled and fielded well ....  Anyway I said it would be short this week due to my memory loss ... Brian, Tim picked up a wicket each, Ian picked up 2 and John was hatless ... that left Pasty who bowled extremely well.. got a fiffer 54 runs , so the wallet did surface. Well done Pasty.... Remark of the day came from their no 6 bat, who saw Thomas at mid on and asked Pasty to move him along as he was behind the bowlers arm. Pasty stated he was playing, but surely my belly is hiding him ! Anyway they got within 4 runs and all credit to their skipper played the game in the best spirit, putting his colts in before him. Another win and a good day to boot. Good support again, Neil and family made the effort to cheer us on even though he was carrying an injury, well done. Missed Joyce and Brenda this week, still on the M25 looking for the place I HEAR.
We all left around 10:30 on a barmy night.

12 June
Churt 216-3 dec
Temple Sheen 175-3
Match drawn

This week saw us visit the cricket club of Churt just outside Hindhead, Guildford. It was a lovely setting, good wicket, play area for the kids, ample parking BUT no club-house, changing rooms, proper toilets or SHOWERS!

Churt CC are having their facilities rebuilt, so we had to get changed in a metal container last seen being loaded onto a container ship in Felixstowe. Still we had plenty of room to get changed as we only had 9 PLAYERS ! This (no disrespect to Thomas or Derek) included a major and a minor and a Mr Richardson with his nasty finger (although Mr Cook believes my finger is nastier!). So the turnout, if we can call it that was pretty poor. The opposition feeling sorry for our predicament, leant us another small boy, this is the 2nd week on the trot we've had to rent a boy to play for us!

To the game ... Churt batted and Kev had the opener bowled in the first over, that was the only luck we got in the whole of their innings, their number 3 came in (we were told by the small boy Kez, that this guy could bat) started off with a 4 and didn’t look back. Gave one chance on his way to 50, but played the ball all round the park, he was backed up with good play by the other opener and before long both had got 50. Their SA number 3 carried on spraying the ball round, making his ton and retiring. We were running round all day keeping to our task, but the holes with the players we had started to show. Matt bowled with no luck, as too did Thomas, Ian and Kez.Then John came on and took 2 good wickets before Churt declared on 216 for 3.

We then made our way to the wokingman’s club for a lovely tea.

We opened with Matt and Keith put on 20 odd before Matt got angry and drove one off the square to mid off I believe. Kev came in and put on a quick 50 partnership with Keith. Keith survived a couple of shouts, bump ball and run out before walking (good on you sport) after being caught behind for 37.

Ledge had been watching their team b4 batting spotting which numpty might get him out this week. Picked one out and before Matt had a chance to open a book, was caught, bowled by the guy he was keeping his eye on!!

Kev by this time had passed 50 and was v happy I was scoring as there were shouts of LB all round! Matt this week keeping his finger firmly in his pocket and Kev and Ian steering us to 175 for a well deserved draw. Kev ending mid 70's and Ian 20 odd.

Again the supporters (rowdy bunch this week) almost out numbered the players, and really got into the chase for runs at the end, or would have done if they'd have got off their bleedin fat arses to look at the scoreboard and not asking scorers every minute score /overs/ whats for tea.. etc

5 June 2005
45 overs match
Temple Sheen 210-9
Capel 206-9

Temple Sheen Won by 5 runs

It was good to see so many fresh faces at Capel, Sunday just gone after the antics of card schools, ale swilling and "jiving" in Bogies on the IOW a few days previous.

Thanks goes to Mr Cornish for doing a sterling job whilst on tour and getting a game for us on Sunday 5th at Capel CC from the conference, what in heavens name is the match secretary doing sunning himself in Gurnsey, whilst there were matches to arrange!! (just kiddin Brian).

Anyway to the game, again we got to the ground ready for our usual 10 a side cricket match, but were soon tapping the opposition for any 'spares'. A young lad came forward by the name of Ben who was a little younger than Thomas but with the same keen eye for the game.

Anyway to the game:
We batted first opening with Mark (our overseas player, good to still see him commit with a few days b4 going back across the pond to Orlando) and Pasty. Mark put on a quick 34 before being bowled, whilst Pasty 29 before getting out. A good opening partnership from these two. This bought in Keith and Kev, Keith was caught brilliantly for 6 whilst Kev played some excellent shots before being given LBW (shock horror) by their umpire when being 20 feet down the pitch for 47.
Ledge came in next with Ian played a couple and was bowled for 7, Ian came in started to time the ball well and was spraying the ball around the field with John who hit a marvellous 6 back over the bowlers head but was bowled a couple of overs later.
Delboy next to come in after his time in the wilderness over the last few months... good to have you back Del, you look well, shame about the LBW from the opposition’s umpire! This bought father and son together with Thomas taking the leading role with a few good shots and a nice 4 before being caught for six. I then came in at 10 playing a few quick singles giving the strike to Mr Cogs as much as poss. Almost made it to the end, but was caught for 7. This bought in Ben (he can bat you know) who faced a few balls and kept Ian company. Innings ended on 210 with Ian unbeaten on 51.

Very good tea produced in the interval.........and we all struggled out afterwards.

They batted, and with no time at all were 4 for 1 after Pasty bowled the opener, they steadily picked up runs before being about 50 for 4 with catches from Mark and Ian and another victim hearing his wicket breaking behind him with tight bowling from Kevin. They continued to keep up with the clock, although as this was a 45 overs match the light was always against them. They got to about 150 for 6 with 15 overs remaining and looked good with their number 7 playing some excellent shots, John picked up a couple more wickets, Ian and Mark continued the catching practice and Ben (he can bowl you know) got a couple of good overs in. Very much encouragement from the sidelines for this lad (the shouting reminded me of the days of world of sport with Dickie Davies and the 4pm wresting Haystacks and Big Daddy and the ladies in the audiences shout abuse at the ref, (felt for you Sunday Ian what you see in skippering I'll never know!)
Anyway good and unsuccessful bowling by Mark, saw Phil and Kev come back in the dark, Capel to give them their credit went for it being 4 runs short at the end of their 45 with us just requiring 1 wicket, Shame but good game, hope we get it next year !!
Finished the game 15 minutes before midnight in the dark, just as the bar was closing!

Bowling figs were Kev 4 for 59 , Pasty 3 for 51 , John 2 for 29 , with Mark and Ben wicketless.

Thanks goes to Clare, Sarah, Hazel and Pam for supporting in the bitter cold, and many thanks and safe journey back to USA to Mark, look forward to seeing him again in a month or 2.

30 May 2005
Temple Sheen v
Match Drawn

29 May 2005
Temple Sheen v Bembridge

Match Drawn

05 May 2005
Temple Sheen 159-7
Giltec 77-9
Match Drawn

This week we were in sunny south Croydon, playing Giltec, again we turned up with a handicap – 10 players (one day we’ll play this game with 11 players!) There were 2 games being played on the ground, we were unfortunate to have the trek to the top pitch up the hill in a swirling wind. We were unluckier to be told that the changing room (down the hill) was not a safe place to leave bags etc … and it would be best to take them with us. Some of us took the north face of the hill, with our sherpas, packs on back ready to climb the summit, whilst the other clever chaps took their cars!

When we got to the top, what a view! From the East we could see the flowing Ganges River, whilst the west the continuous mountain ranges of the Himalayas. (Sorry that should read east – Wembley arch, west – Canary wharf. Anyway to the game.

Skipper had a 50-50 chance of getting the toss right and didn’t. We were batting. The openers fresh from their 50 partnership last week didn’t produce this week with Steve skying out for 8, this left Matt to play the anchor role (yes this has been spell checked). Kev came in at 3 and due to some official’s technical difficulties was out without troubling the score. This bought Keith to the wicket, who with Matt started to stroke the ball round majestically. Matt out next for 13. Ledge next who was determined to leave full tosses alone after Bracknell. With Keith, put on the 50 partnership and saw the score pass 100, both looking good, Keith unfortunately on 49 got out, counting probably… no not how he was doing, but the lack of notes in the wallet. I was promoted up the order and was only on 5 minutes when the heavens opened with hailstones and we were called off for the day we thought. Early tea taken, bit of Arsenal’s game watched and we were to bat on for a further 10 minutes. I was kindly driven up to the pitch in Ledgers car, by a small boy doing handbrake turns on the wet grass. Out we went again, Ledge looking majestic, me out bowled no surprises, Ian next trying to move the score along caught and bowled by ‘the juggler’… and Brian last in not out 5. Ledger not out 45 and we ended up on 159-7.

Poor Matt had a torrid afternoon, as he had a little wager on Arsenal’s game, and requested (as we were sitting in the car listening) 1 beep for Arsenal score, 2 for if Liverpool score. At 2-1 to the Arse he was having kittens, as I beeped for Arsenal's third goal and Brenda also beeped. Matt confused!

Anyway to the field in bright sunshine, Matt opened, bowled a couple of good over with no joy. Brian opened the bowling the other end and before long had the opener spectacularly caught by ‘squirrel’ in the slips. Then on came Steve at the other end with some excellent bowling, catch to Kevin, a couple of clean bowled, a stumping, a low down catch to Matt in the slips and the champagne moment of the day , Uncle bowling and their skipper caught very professionally by young Mr T Coggins. Great catch Thomas, well done! This didn’t rub of on Mr Legder, who spilt one at mid wicket, this the same over as the stumping and young Thomas’s catch, shame on you Ledge! Well done to Steve who reduced the home side to 38-7 and ended on figures of 6-23. Thomas replaced him and bowled a good line and length with no success, whilst the other end saw Phil bowl some very tight overs getting their number 8 bat all tangled up for a simple LBW.

Coggins jnr was replaced by Coggins snr but on this occasion, wicket less, with about 8 overs left and the opposition on 58 for 8, it was left to a 2nd spell from Brian and Cookie to finish off proceedings, Brian coming close with no further success and Kev steaming in, batsman playing and missing and the ball hitting the keepers gloves harder than usual!

Their last pair were playing extremely well, until their number 4 bat, ran out of lives and was comprehensively bowled by Kev. That left the score at 76-9 with 5 balls remaining, the incoming number 11, had 5 slips and 1 gulley for company, Kev bowled and the ball fell just short of Ian at fifth slip, got the single required and their number 8 saw out the last few remaining balls out 77-9 and a lucky , pluckey …. escape from the home team. A winning draw and still not a bad start to the season.

1 May 2005
Bracknell 117-9
Temple Sheen 80(ish) all out
Bracknell won by 38(ish) runs

Well, what can I say about the match at Bracknell CC Sunday just gone..... not much really but here goes.

Arrived on site with only 10 players, starting to become a custom of TSE to try and give us a handicap before even starting. A big thanks goes out to Nick for giving up a Sunday afternoon of jiggy/jiggy or what ever the youngsters of today get up to when the sun shines, to turn out for us.

It was also great to see two other members for the first time this year, firstly 'our Barry', or 'Northern' or even just simply Mr Standing.He thoroughly enjoyed driving round every roundabout in Bracknell and ticking them off on the A-Z before arriving at the ground. Was told the ground was by the Avis roundabout, but like a true northerner was looking for a Hovis roundabout. What a bread-head!

The other northerner Mr Kevin Brown was also having trouble locating the ground and had to be talked down to the ground with the help of Matts mobile from just outside the Blue Boar services, Stoke-on-Trent! But when he arrived did we know it. It was nice to see his family and the in-laws but did he go on about Chelsea winning their first title in 50 years, I suppose as an Arsenal supporter it was becoming 2nd nature for us, so a little celebrating for buying , sorry that should read winning the title after half a century should'nt be critised.

Anyway back to the game. Ian won/lost the toss (please delete accordingly) and we fielded. It wasnt long before the rather audiable opener was back in the pavillion being caught behind (yours truely diving full stretch 25 feet to my right to take the catch in the gully). off the bowling of the skipper. He followed this up with the other opener being caught behind also. Kev weighed up at the other end bowling the number 3 bat, and they were reeling at 15-3. Lost the plot abit after this as the sun was getting to us all , but basically I think Kev digged one in short and got batsman 5 caught in the covers by Mr Standing , a few overs later the same Mr Standing off Mr Coggins bowling gave us a Sky Soccer AM moment: "TAXI FOR STANDING"

Again fielding in the covers managed to not stop the ball with his foot but half volley it across the boundary turning 1 into 4. Maybe feeling sorry for the oppositions lowly score. Meantime Ian had finished with 2 wickets I believe, I dropped the skipper but made up and caught him 2 overs later again off Kev Cooks bowling... he finished with 3. Then Steve came on , bowled one of the opposition out and correct me if I'm wrong Mr Vice capt , but on Steve's bowling you spilled a dolly. Was I paying attention to detail then ?? No really it was a hard low down chance.
Then came a cameo from Kev Brown a fantastic bit fielding from the boundary ran out their number six bat (who had scored a few) with a direct hit. Poetry in motion. He also came onto bowl and after bowling a bit of rubbish, took two further quick wickets. They ended up around 117 for 9 , with some impressive strokeplay by their number 11 bat and little lad called William aged about 5.

Our fielding was superb, helping to keep the runs down and thanks again to Nick Coggins boy what an arm !
Straight into our innings ....
What can I say.
Looked easy ...
Steve Coggins opening with Matt ...

boundaries coming easily .. a six from Steve...

there was no worries .... 51 without loss..

then Matt bowled I think but maybe bowled for 10 ish ( I was in the bog and missed the action, or was I scoring)

Steve straight after played on for 35 odd.

Our Barry caught again allegedly without troubling the scoring
Ledge full toss caught

Kev Cook bowled

Brownie caught off shoulder of lamb (sorry bat)

Nick fantastically caught after opening his shoulders and looking good ......

Ian trying to push the score on with 12 overs left, caught at mid off....

Thomas Coggs caught trying to push the score

and yours truely stuck with an other 0 not out ... (Still unbeaten at Bracknell) 80 odd all out I believe (dont quote me on that)

One of their players did comment when Mr Cook took his time coming out saying (Kev who was scorring and was rushed in to get changed after many wickets falling) TSE should be used to collapses like that ... this did not go down too well with us.

But the quote of the day was William the little lad from Bracknell who queried their wicket keeper saying : "Was that 3 or 4 you dropped today?".

24 April 2005
Temple Sheen 147-7
Farncombe 125 all out
Temple Sheen won by 22 runs

Due to the prevailing weather conditions it was decided to play a limited 35 overs match, against a team who were made up of a mixture of seniors and colts.

We won/lost the toss (I wasn’t paying attention even though I was scoring) and decided to bat. Steve and Matt opened up putting on around 20 odd before Matt was caught by one of the youngsters. This bought Steve and Kevin together who pushed the score along at a brisk pace, with a few sixes, many many wides and smart running between the sticks. Kev skied a six between deep square and fine leg which bounced off the pavillion’s window missing Pam’s head by a whisker and almost knocking out Domino. This wasn’t a problem from the TSE female supporters as they were so intense watching the game they saw it coming all the way. (yeh right)

Catastrophe in the middle when Steve and Kev’s calling went awry and Steve was run out. They both used to be a bit indecisive (they’re not so sure now). Ledge came in to keep Kev company but didn’t even get a chance for a "is the pitch doing anything" before again being caught by a youngster.... without troubling my scoring ... With all the wides and no balls I was loosing the plot with the score book and before I knew it we were over 100. Kev then shuffled across his crease, the opposition asked the question and after about 5 minutes Matt raised his finger. Neil was, again played a mirror shot to Ledge and again left the field cursing "why the F&%$ did I play that shot!

This bought the skipper and "The Hat" together and with some sensible batting and running from the two of them pushing the score along nicely ... Pasty and I added a few before ending up with 147 off 35, poor Tom not getting a bat.

This bought on tea, which was an absolute feast to us all but I believe a mere snack for Danny (who’s he then?).

Farncombe’s innings began after tea with Kev and Pasty opening the bowling, both bowling very steadily and accurately without much joy although there were 3 catches spilled of which "Squirrel" was partially to blame in the slips! Farncombe had put on 50 odd, over 15-20 overs when a double change was required. Both Kev and Pasty got the appreciation they deserved after fine spells and Pasty decided to wander down to fine leg, to practice for the Hanworths annual Spittoon Contest 2005.

Ian took over one end, whilst Steve replaced Kev at the other. Before long Ian was cursing the opening bat, playing across the line at every opportunity, (how dare he on Ian’s bowling). Not long after this Ian bowled him and it wasn’t long before the old fart was on a hat-trick, unfortunately missing out with a rank 3rd ball. Steve was also weighing in at the other end picking up wickets, you could say they were the jewels of the Coggins family. Whereas Mr Neil Black was counting his crown jewels after being wrapped on them in the covers. All had a jolly chuckle apart from the injured party. Hope all is well Neil and your anniversary got better !!!

A young number 4 bat for Farncombe put on an impressive 40, getting the score around 30 behind, but time was always against them and it wasn’t long before the Coggins with help of the Hat, and good fielding wrapped the game up winning by 20 odd runs, Steve ending up with 4 and Ian 5 wickets.

A good day had by all and a win fo the start of the season.